Frequently Asked Questions

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

SELSUN products say to "Shake bottle well". Why is this and is there a good technique to shake well?

SELSUN products need to be well shaken before 1st use and regularly ongoing, to ensure its great formula is well mixed. Click here to see the SELSUN Shake intructional video for guidance. The result should be a consistant, uniform colour.

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Are there any animal products in any of the SELSUN Shampoos?

Although most of our ingredients are synthetic or plant derived, we cannot guarantee that none used in our SELSUN products are derived from animal by-products.

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Are there any contra-indications for long-term use of Selenium Sulfide?

Allergy or sensitivity to selenium sulfide or any other ingredient in the product. Do not use on broken skin or inflamed areas.

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Can SELSUN products be used on hair treatments, like colouring, tints, bleaching or perms?

Wait 48 hours after applying applying hair colours, tints, bleaching or permanent waving preparations. The perm should be washed for at least one cycle with regular shampoo to remove/dilute the perm chemicals before using SELSUN.

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How long should I leave the product on my hair?

It is recommended while using SELSUN products that you let the shampoo stay on your head for approximately three (3) minutes. This allows the suspension system to break and the active ingredient to fall onto the scalp.

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Is it acceptable to use the SELSUN Gold product for Tinea Veriscolor or as an adjunct in the treatment of Tinea Capitis?

Yes. Apply undiluted to affected areas of skin for 10 minutes. Rise thoroughly. Repeat daily for 1 week or as directed. Do not use on severely inflamed skin.

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How does Selenium sulfide shampoo work?

Helps slow the production of skin cells and act as a peeling agent, softening and shedding the outermost layer of skin to help reduce flaking

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